5 Tips to Follow When Building a Dock

Boatshed on the River in blue houseGetting a dock built doesn’t have to be a headache-causing task. Following the tips below, your dock should be ready in a jiffy.

Hire Professionals

Piers in Rockport are best built with the help of professionals. The reason for this is easy enough — docks require enough experience to be installed. You can’t place it just about anywhere because water can cause damage or make the dock less than stable. Professionals should be able to find the perfect spot where the dock can be placed.

Always Go For Rope

Some dock owners choose to use metal chains instead of rope for their docks. This is a bad decision since chains are prone to rust. One might argue that rusting only happens when you’re building a dock on saltwater instead of freshwater. However, there’s no difference. When it comes to wear and tear, a rope is more reliable.

Be Upfront About Your Budget

Set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend on the dock. The budget will be dictated by the materials you’ll be using, how far the dock goes in the water, and how many boats can be accommodated. Ask for an estimate from the developer. Remember that you might spend at least 10% more of the stated price.

Ask About Materials

Don’t make the mistake of relying solely on the end-result. You should also be aware of what materials are being on the dock. For example, are they using treated lumber and sealed wood? This will factor into the longevity of your dock.

Ask for a Sketch

Show the builder exactly what kind of dock you like or how it forms into the water. Some docks are fairly straightforward, while others can be more creative in their setup. Hotels or vacation spots often prefer to create docks that serve as attractions aside from serving a purpose.

Want your dock to last? Follow the tips given above and you’ll enjoy its benefits more.