5 Alternatives When You Need Emergency Heat but the Power is Out

Emergency Power Outage

Emergency Power OutageIt’s ideal to have a high quality furnace. It keeps your home warm and comfortable. If you have one, but it needs repair, there are professionals to help you.

According to LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, if your furnace stops working, don’t panic. Call an expert and while you’re waiting, there are things you can do to keep your home warm.

Make sure you insulate the room adequately to optimise the heat. Close the doors and if the cold becomes unbearable, stay in interior rooms like your bathrooms, closets, or in the basement. These areas have the least possible heat loss.

Temporary Wood-Burning Stove

You can install a temporary stove made of a wood-burning stove, a chimney pipe with an elbow and a piece of plywood. You can place this close to a window. Use the plywood to close any gap in the window.

Kerosene Heater

Using this provides you ample warmth as it emits heat on all sides. Just make sure you stock on enough fuel. However, if you have birds as pets, this heater is not recommended, as the birds will be exposed to the fumes.


This is a Japanese traditional short wooden table. Drape a heavy blanket or futon over the table to trap the heat from the kotatsu heater, which is placed under the table.


Don’t forget the good old fireplace. If wood logs are not available, you can use newspaper or magazines rolled into bundles as your logs. You can also use coal, so stock up in advance.


Never use generators inside. Place them outside of the house and just connect through cables. You can run your heating appliances with a generator.

Note that these things are for temporary use only. To make your home comfortable, safe and energy-efficient, get a new furnace or have it repaired.