3 Ways to Win Your Child Custody Battle

Custody of Your Children in HarrisburgHandling a child custody battle is sometimes more challenging and stressful than a divorce because it involves your relationship with your kids. If you don’t get full or even joint custody of your children, you will have a hard time fostering a relationship with them as they grow older. If you truly desire to have full custody of your children, here are some things you must do to make sure you get it.

Know the Better Parent Standard

The Better Parent Standard is what the court uses to determine which parent deserves custody of their children based on how well they can provide their needs and how much time they can dedicate to taking care of them. You need to pass documentations to prove that you are capable of taking care of your children compared to the other party. This also involves keeping your children’s best interest as your number one priority.

Hire a Credible Lawyer

There are a lot of family law attorneys in Harrisburg, PA such as harshbergerlaw.com, so you must consult with a number of them before you decide which one to hire for your child custody battle. You should consider their work ethic, their past experiences, and how comfortable you are when talking with them. Winning child custody requires you and your lawyer to work closely and find the strategy that will work best. That won’t happen if you are not comfortable with and you don’t trust your lawyer.

Observe Proper Court Etiquette

Even if you have the best lawyer in town and you have all the necessary documents to prove you are the better parent, you can still lose your case if you don’t follow proper court etiquette. The judge’s impression of you matters a lot, so you need to dress well, respect everyone, and be careful with your words.

Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting full custody of your children when you decide to get divorced.