3 Proven Hacks that Get Your Kids Eating Veggies and Fruits

Vegetable PizzaWhile many parents struggle to pay top dollar for the best fresh produce on the market, the small children often avoid them. The article highlights simple hacks to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

Children are a funny bunch that rejects food such as fruits and vegetable without as much as a tiny bite. It frustrates their parents.

Children are likely to resist urgings to eat any fruits and vegetables out of spite and just to make you angry. Rather than fall for this little trick likely to bear no fruits. you can apply a bit of cunning, creativity, and resourcefulness to outsmart them.

Lead by Example

Making distasteful noises while eating sends the wrong message to the adorable copycats, who love to copy your every move. Instead of telling them to eat their fruits and veggies, set the bar high by always polishing up your portions with a huge smile on your face. For these little boys and girls who want to be big and strong like mommy or daddy, they will follow you lead.

Inject Some Sreativity Around the Meals

Playing at a child’s imagination is the surest way of winning their attention as well as their loyalty. Tell a story with every meal, especially with some of the food items they do not like. Involving some of their favourite cartoon and storybook characters as part of your meal experience makes a great start. For instance, you can tell a story of a hero on his way to rescue a damsel in distress having to pause to eat an energy giving fruit such as banana.

Get Them Involved

Given most fruits need little preparation; you can create a fun activity around them. Cutting fruits into fancy figures, such as geometrical shapes and favourite cartoon characters have them beaming with pride. MorCo Fresh suggests taking them along when meeting your fruit suppliers and have them regale them with the incredible adventures of owning a fruit orchard.

The best way to get your children to finishing the fresh fruit and vegetable helpings on their plates involve a little bit of creative and innovative thinking.